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A collection of super heroes characters for a board game

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3D printed figures for the game Rayguns and Rocketships

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This game was designed as a collectable set of beads that can also be worn as a bracelet or necklace.

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3D colour prints of popular game characters

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The concept for the figures was supplied as fairly well detailed sketches with points of extra detail noted in the drawings


3D renders of the figures were then created for approval before the models were made ready for print.


Prototypes for the Aeon Quest action figures

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The Main Stages Of Design for 3D Print

Stage 1.

The client was asked to provide images which represented the desired model

Stage 2.

Next there were a series of development sketches produced with input from the client at each stage.

Stage 3.

the final detail is then added.


Stage 4.

The model is made ready for 3D printing



Pictures of finished casting to come soon.

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3D printed and hand painted by fans of Masters of the Universe

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Mystical Warriors of the Ring. Wrestling toys created using the 3D modelling process for mass production. These toys are currently available in all good toy stores.

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Figures, jewellery and statues created for 3D Printing

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